Alyanna Martinez-Macam’s shares her near tragic experience.

There are a lot of life-threatening moments that happen in this world every day. At times, these moments are brought upon by evil people who don’t take into account the consequences of their actions. Innocent victims never really know when they will be faced with these kinds of situations. Recently, the daughter of veteran actor Albert Martinez, Alyanna Martinez-Macan, was faced with such a terrifying situation.

It was just a normal day for Alyanna Martinez-Macan, until something unbelievable happened. Based on her own narrative, she was just on her way to her local Trader Joe’s Supermarket in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California.

Alyanna said that they were considered regulars of the famous supermarket. So, for them, going there was just a familiar routine and it couldn’t possibly cause them harm. After finishing up on their shopping, a dangerous man entered the store and began holding everyone hostage. Around 40 people were trapped inside, probably trembling with fear.

The man was armed and even open fired on a woman. Plus, the supposed thief also injured a child in the process.

Alyanna recalls messaging her sister before they left the premises. She says that the message was sent at 1:29, and the life-threatening incident happened exactly one minute after at 1:30. She did not fail to thank God for helping and sparing her from the horrific tragedy that could’ve ended worse than they anticipated.

After posting her terrifying experience on social media, she received lots of messages from concerned family members, friends, and supporters.

Life will really surprise you from time to time. You are never really going to know what happens next. Alyanna was really blessed to be spared and given a second chance after this incident. Let us all continue to pray for the safety, security and lesser evil this world.

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