Watch out because the next huge models in the future might be the adorable sister duo Kendra and Scarlett of the Team Kramer fam. Thanks to their undeniable charm, the internet has continue to anticipate their social media appearances and even their projects.

Their very proud mother, Cheska Garcia, shared on Instagram on November 8 some behind the scene photos of her daughters during a photoshoot. The 8-year-old Kendra and 6-year-old Scarlett modeled for their own hair accessories line, Kendra and Scarlet Bows.

At their very young age, they could pose like a professional model. The little girls showed off their potential when it comes to pictorials and modeling. Both of them did great during their solo shots, while their charm instantly doubled as they posed together. It isn’t surprising anymore how these two showed some of the stunning features they inherited from their equally beautiful mother.

On top of their looming success in the modeling industry, the Kramer daughters can also be considered as the youngest entrepreneurs out there. There’s no denying that they were already making a name for themselves and we’re all here to witness how they grow up more successful in the future.

Kendra and Scarlett, along with their celebrity parents and youngest sibling Gavin, have become a family of social media stars in the past years. Their adventures and learning moments at home were chronicled also through a vlog series, have launched the “Team Kramer”. It is a family-friendly brand which now has several product endorsements to its name.

Source: Abs-Cbn.