Woman suspects an old lady as witch, turns out to be otherwise.

Nearly everyone has heard a lot of mysteries about a witch in Siquijor, Central Visayas.

Some may add voodoo dolls, love spells, or folk magic into the conversation for more thrill.

In 2013, a Facebook user named Hannah Reyes Morales shared a story about her change of belief from wicked witches. Hannah suspected an elderly woman as a witch, or a healer, or a shaman, because of the storm clouds that followed the old lady’s back. With all the speculations going thru her head, she rode her bike and went to prove her assumptions.

Hannah, known to be a photojournalist, was inclined to the art of photography, according to her Facebook profile. So, she didn’t hesitate to take out her camera and ask the old woman’s consent to take portraits.

The old lady said she didn’t have a single penny, and Hannah assumed she was asking for alms. Hannah moved closer and showed her photograph, the old woman smiled from ear to ear and told her she had no money. It turns out that the woman can’t pay for the photograph. Instead, the old lady asked Hannah to accept the eggs she had just bought as it’s the only way she can pay her back.

The old woman, as seen in Hannah’s photographs, was humpbacked, grey-haired, and her smile was evident that she was happy.

Siquijor, as a matter of fact, is also called the ‘Island of Witches’, and it rooted since the Spanish colonial period. The island was known before as the center for trade and commerce in the Visayas region.

When the Spaniards were on their journey, some of the ship’s crew members got sick and needed to rest in a nearby island. Locals were asked by the Spaniards to cure their crew.

Unfortunately, the Spaniards left immediately after discovering the land’s alleged method of sorcerers’ mystic healing.

Source: Tnpmedia.com