Birthdays are truly important events in a person’s life. These are the annual reminders not only of our age, but our growth as persons as well. In the Philippines, we have at leastfour major birthdays that we celebrate. Our 1st birthday, which obviously marks our first year on earth, our 7th birthday which highlights our childhood, the 18th of girls and 21st of boys, which marks the entering of adulthood and the 50th, which marks the start of our “golden years”, as people call it.

Despite these four being the most popularly celebrated ones in our lives, all our birthdays are nonetheless important as well. Aside from celebrating for ourselves, we also share this special day with the people who love us and have watched us grow through the years. Obviously, this day was meant for joy and happiness.Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.

In another post spreading fast in the internet, we may have witnessed one of the saddest birthday celebrations ever recorded. The setting of the said video features a hospital room filled with people. Later on, we find out that they are gathered around a mother who is on the brink of breathing her last breath of air. As the video goes on, we also hear someone crying out loud. At the same time, we also see a birthday cake being held up by one of the people in the room.

Apparently, the person crying was the said mother’s child who was celebrating his birthday that day. It was really such a heartbreaking scene as people in the room started singing the famous “Happy Birthday” song while the celebrant begged for his mother to “keep holding on.” It was surely not a happy birthday.

Netizens shared their thoughts in the comments section of the post. Some expressed their grief and sorrow for the celebrant while some voiced out their personal opinions regarding the post. I personally agree with those who said that things like these should not be put up online. There are truly moments made for sharing and this is certainly not one of them. Check out what some netizens had to say about the viral video:

Hopefully, the celebrant and his family get through this endeavor of theirs. It is truly difficult to witness this kind of situation. On the other hand, despite saying this, I’m pretty sure it is harder for those who are directly affected by it. As of now, let us just pray for everyone who is involved. May the celebrant find peace and true happiness in his next few birthdays as well. Life is a gift that we should not take for granted.

Watch video:

Source: tnpmedia.