Many people have come to realize how important it is to save up money. As we all know, the latest trend right now is to do the “ipon challenge”. Everybody has their own way of storing their cash. Some people put it in a coin bank while others prefer to deposit it into a trusted bank. When you do this challenge, it is important to ensure the security of the money you keep. We really don’t want our every bit of our earning to be stolen from us, right?

Are you unsure whether you want to keep your savings somewhere in your home? If yes, then you have to see this unique place to save up. This viral video would make you realize that a wooden door could actually be a huge coin bank.

Facebook user Cherry Nato Torres shared how cracked open the wooden door which contained piled up money. With the use of a hammer and crowbar, they created a large hole in the door. It instantly revealed all the hidden coins and bills.

Apparently, their door couldn’t handle all the money so they decided to transfer it somewhere else. They want to save more and we could only imagine where they would put the savings next.

Who would have thought that an ordinary door could be a safe storage for savings? Even burglars wouldn’t even consider checking the door for money.

Meanwhile, netizens found it amazing that someone actually turned their door into a coin bank. While others thought it was actually hilarious to do such a thing. Someone even joked that they now have money to buy replace the destroyed door.

Watch video:

Source: Manilaflash.