Filipino actress Angel Locsin has been in the showbiz industry for a long time. She has proven her skills in acting, playing different roles in films and television series. But with so many things happening in the Philippines today, Angel also showed how she could be a hero in real life just like her popular character “Darna.”

Recently some areas of Metro Manila were in a state of calamity. Two of these were Marikina city and the parts of the municipality of Rizal. On Saturday evening, August 13, Marikina and Rizal were on red alert from the torrential rainfall. The heavy rain caused a flood in most areas of these two places. Many people were affected and were put into evacuation areas to be rescued.

Seeing how bad the situation was for the flood victims, Angel decided to visit them and offer help. She wrote on her Twitter saying:

Angel’s visit made the victims feel better. She handed out food and water to the people who were in the evacuation centers. Some of them thanked her through social media. Showing everyone her generosity and kindness.

Truly, Angel is a heavenly guardian sent to these people. She proved that her name really suits her personality. With just her glowing smile and presence, the flood victims suddenly forgot what they’ve been through. Angel did not only give help with their essential needs, she also made them feel warm and safe by just being there.

During times like these, more people really need to reach out to those in need. Not only for the celebrities, but for everyone as well. Those who can give help should lend a hand to the flood victims. We need to be more caring for others who are experiencing a harsh episode in their lives right now. People should help one another.

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Source: Inquirer.