LOOK: Angel Locsin stops to buy polvoron from a young fan

With the lights from the cameras and the rushing crowd, celebrities often have very little time to interact with each of their fans. While some are happy just taking photos of their idols up close, others are lucky enough to talk to them in person. Angel Locsin made sure that her very special fan got what he wanted and more.

Angel recently visited a mall in Alabang to visit a Mang Insal branch for the “Pistang Chicken Insal” day. Unsurprisingly, the Kapamilya actress was met by throngs of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite TV star.

However, one person caught Angel’s attention. Amid the screaming crowd, a young boy waited patiently for his chance to see his idol. Instead of an autograph or a photo, he only had one request from the actress; to buy his polvoron.

Probably amazed by the perseverance of her young fan, Angel gladly granted his request. She motioned the security personnel present to allow the boy to cross the barrier. This immediately brought a precious smile on the boy’s face.

Once her young fan made it out of the crowd, Angel took him to her car to buy his products. Apart from that, she also asked him to bring his friends along.

After buying polvoron from her hardworking fan, Angel gave them several pieces of advice including a request for them never to turn to substance abuse. Furthermore, she invited them inside Mang Inasal to enjoy a simple meal.

Meanwhile, netizens praised Angel for her actions:

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Source : Showbizread