What would the world look like if we switched places with animals?

Human beings kill and consume animals for our own benefit, and often just for pleasure. It has become so normalised that we usually do so without giving it much thought.

But what about if we conceptualized a parallel universe, in which animals were doing the exploiting? Could this change our perspective?

These are the ideas being explored by German artist Barbara Daniels. Daniels takes very real situation, but switches the place of the humans and animals, to create thought provoking images that make us question the morality of animal treatment in the modern world.

“Imagine our modern society with the roles of humans and animals reversed. What would it look like? How would it feel to be dominated by another species? My current artwork strives to answer these questions, drawing inspiration from real world situations and events.” Said Barbara on her website Barbara Daniels Art.

You can take a look for yourself below and let us know what you think:

1 Fresh Human

2 Walk in the Park

3 Breaking News

4 Circus Training

5 Fire Rings

6 Human Fighting

7 Canned Hunting

8 Golden Shears

9 Merry Christmas

10 Folks Motel

11 Cecilia


13 Broiler Shed

14 Man Trap

15 Kids for Sale

16 Man Bowl

17 Artificial Insemination

18 Man Down

19 Supermarket

Source : Truththeory