The vaccine debate is a touchy one. Most people would say that vaccines save lives and to be fair, they are right. Would you want your child to contract measles, meningitis or polio when a vaccine could prevent that from ever happening?

The problem is that people just don’t trust big pharmaceutical companies, they also have issues with some of the ingredients within the vaccines.

I can get behind the distrust of multi billion dollar corporations. When it comes to your kids though, you have to weigh up the options and go with the best one for your child.

It’s been reported that some parents are holding ‘chicken pox parties’ in order to get their kids sick in the hope the virus will help their children build up their immune systems and prevent future illness.

There are private Facebook groups where parents can arrange meet ups with children who have chicken pox. The idea is the parents bring their kids to hang out in an effort to pass the virus from child to child.

Apparently they build a kind of blanket fort and let the kids play in that for a while hoping the infected child will exhale the germs so the other kids can breathe them in.

They say this way is a more natural way to contract the virus because it bypasses the risks posed by the vaccinations.

Co-director Lindsay Diamond of Community Immunity says the ‘chicken pox parties’ are rather dangerous, she explains:

“And so these people then go out into their world. They go to the library, they go to the grocery store, they go to schools where there’s likely to be an immunocompromised person. And then you are risking the health of not only your own child, but the public health.”

These chicken pox parties caught the attention of The Colorado Dept Of Human Health who issued a reminder to the public via Twitter to ensure your children are vaccinated against the virus.