Mikiko is a German – Japanese comic book artist currently living in London, UK. who creates adorable illustrations featuring her everyday life with her boyfriend and cat. Growing up, she moved around a lot prompting her to create manga comic series as a way to connect with home.

To those of you own cats, you know that they can be mysterious beings sometimes. And to those who live with a partner, you know that there can be some pretty ugly things happening at home!

In these illustrations, we presenting you the mystery of a cat as she topples everything in her way and lovely life of an artist! You might even learn a thing or two about them. And the life of an artist in general, of course.

#1 Silent but deadly. And you never thought about cat’s fart do you?

#1.1 God damn it, Emi!!… So rude.

#2 Cozy. When your cat is being cute and fluffy.

#3 Static shock. Cats do surprise you in all sorts of ways.

#4 Timing. Bruh! You missed something really “important”.

Let’s take a selfie together

#5 Transformation. It’s like dating two girls at once.

#6 Curiosity killed the coffee. Quite literally.

#7 Headphones. Every. Each. Time.

Some may call it trash…

#8 Messy. That’s my eating method.

#9 Sweet temptation. Trying to not feel that sinful.

#10 Inconvenience store. I should’ve expected that.

#11 Cat Bread. Gotta eat them all.

#12 Angry brows. Helps you keep a strong personality.

#13 Bad hair day. Sorry if I offended anyone with my hair.

#14 Cat attack. When she decides to play, not sleep.

#15 Cat Stash. Though I never trained her.

#16 Ceiling cat. Works every time to get hooman’s attention.

#17 Clumsy. That’s why no-one ever entrusted me with their drinks.

#18 Gamer kitty. Well, maybe should be locked out during boss fights.

#19 Kittens! They just bring the smile to our face every time

#20 Popularity. At least, your cat is popular, right?

#21 No sleeping! But the purring is just.. Zz…

#22 Perfectionist. Gotta stop at one point.

#23 The Nightmare. I just need pizza. That’s all.

Source: Spysparrow.