Today’s post is about Ksenia, an amazing and creative artist, from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is only 22 years old and with her creativity and imagination she has a beautiful future ahead.

Ksenia likes reading books, she likes drawing but most of all she loves editing cats into food. She is unique in a way that she brought this new idea into the world of arts. Very few people can use their imagination combined with creativity to create unique ideas.

Listed below is her beautiful collection in which she added cats using photoshop into all kinds of delicious foods such as almonds, burgers, cookies, patties, ice cream, chocolates, Grapes, desserts, and other culinary items. She has left nothing. Scroll down peeps and enjoy this amazing showcase of her skills. These pictures are seriously adorable.

1. Hiding from Monday be like

2. St. Valentine’s Candy Pop

3. Sushi cat

4. Mushroom kitty

5. Cookies!

6. purrito

7. A lovely croissant

8. Queen Sushi suddenly

9. Cat-nuggets

10. What a nice cat-pear

11. Chocolate fondant with a little surprise inside

12. Fluffy dessert

13. Egg cat

14. Banana cat

15. Sweet ice-cream kitty

16. Pear cat

17. Lychee kitty fruit

18. Candy kitty

19. Tasty dumpling

20. When you realize that it’s only Tuesday

21. Sweet doughnut

22. Catapple

23. When you are not so excited about Monday

24. Kitty cherry

25. The face when you realize that it’s only Tuesday

26. Cupcake!

Source: Bemethis.