– A baby is fighting for his life in the ICU

– His parents ɖıεɖ on the spot in a road acciɖεռt

– A netizen is now asking for prayers for the little one to make it through

A netizen is now imploring for prayers to be offered to a baby who is fighting for his life in the ICU.

KAMI learned that the van that the family was riding met a road acciɖεռt in Davao.

The post was made by Facebook user Shyren Cano Avellana on March 18 at 11:27 pm.


She uploaded a photos of the acciɖεռt, that of the baby and the baby’s parents. They were on their way home to Bislig from Davao to celebrate the birthday of their baby.

Sad to say, the baby’s parents ɖıεɖ on the spot, but the baby is now in the ICU.

According to a netizen, Rosalina Lastimoso, the van that the family was riding was at fault as it veered off its own lane, which was why the driver didn’t immediately notice the oncoming Isuzu elf.

The netizen also noted that the lane must have been curved, which was why the acciɖεռt happened.

As per the most recent post of Rosalina, hopefully, the baby would be out of the ICU as he’s showing signs of recovery.

Source: Kami