Baby Tali finally meets his grown-up nephews and nieces during their family gathering

More than the celebrities themselves, people always look forward to seeing more of their adorable children. There’s just something about their chubby cheeks that make everyone go crazy. Speaking of chubby, Baby Tali is well-loved by netizens all over the world! It’s no secret that Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna hit the jackpot with this charming child.

There’s no using in denying that probably most of us have stalked this young child on Instagram. We have dozens of pictures and videos of Baby Tali that just tug at our heartstrings. Once again, Talitha Maria used her charm and baby fat to bring us all good vibes.

Recently, her cousin Ciara Sotto uploaded an endearing video of this little one on Instagram. In the said video clip, Baby Tali was comfortably sitting on top of their dinner table as she looked at all her nieces and nephews who were much older than her. The child was seen quietly observing all the adults surrounding her.

All these good-looking kids gathered under the roof of Sen. Tito Sotto. We all know that they have a tight-knit family who often meet for meals and casual hang out sessions.

Pauleen also uploaded a video of veteran actress Helen Gamboa while she carried Tali, who was chewing on her toy. Helen was obviously so happy while she played with the child. The doting mother wrote this caption to commemorate Tali’s time with the seasoned star:

“Love you, my Mimi @bangshang7.”

There seemed to be another video of Tali with her father that also went viral. It was a clip showing how the child was unimpressed with Vic’s singing and of course, it was relatable as it was sweet. Pauleen was fortunate enough to get it in tape and uploaded it on social media where it received tons of love.

Baby Tali will be celebrating her first birthday in November. Fans are already excited for the expected grand celebration and the possibility of a bright future ahead. Many people predicted that Tali will follow in the footsteps of her parents and will definitely have her spot in the showbiz industry.

Source : Tnpmedia