According to a recent survey, 74% of parents in USA hire a babysitter at least once a month. The great majority of them pick the babysitter for their children very carefully – it is only natural that parents worry before letting someone else take care of their child. But sometimes it’s not the parents who worry, but rather the babysitters themselves as some parents, according to one babysitter, are hard to trust.

Internet user Twatermellon shared a story of one former daycare employee who had one strict policy that the babysitters had to adhere to and explained the reason behind it. Scroll down to see what this babysitter had to tell.

One former daycare employee shared a story about how the babysitters had to follow one strict rule before taking care of someone’s child

The babysitter went on to explain why adhering to such policy was highly important

People who commented were very concerned about the abusive guardians and children that might experience this type of behavior

Source: Boredpanda