Sarah Geronimo’s “Miss Granny” has recently gained famed after its successful release in cinemas last August 22. Joined by James Reid and Xian Lim, our country has decided to have our own adaptation of the award-winning South Korean movie, which was about a grandmother who regains her youthful appearance. Many were amazed by the actress’ acting skills and were proud to see such a magnificent adaptation.

Like her character in the story, a group of oldies has recently gone viral after their performance with the movies song, “Kiss me, kiss me.”

On her Facebook, Kimberly Mae uploaded the adorable performance of five old women. On her post, she indicated that it was just their practice before their final show. The elders excitedly danced to the rhythm of the song and surprisingly have a very synchronized movement. They finished the whole song with a perfectly made choreography. These oldies also didn’t forget to put a smile on their face while they performed.

Many netizens immediately gave their praises and compliments to the old ladies. They said that despite their age, they were able to perform very well. Some of them also said that their cuteness has brightened up their moods right after watching their video. The said clip has already garnered almost 400 thousand views and thousands of likes and shares.

Going back to Sarah’s blockbuster film, it has been hailed as “the highest single-day gross for a local movie released in 2018.” Her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli also showed his support to the actress. He said that he enjoyed the movie from the start until it ended and was so proud of how talented his girlfriend has become.

“Sarah was not just great, not just amazing, not just awesome but she was GREAT, AMAZING, AWESOME AND BRILLIANT!! All combined! She throws so much good vibes out of the screen and into the audience!” he said.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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Source: Pilipinonews.