Most people don’t call a taxi expecting anything more than a ride from one place to another.

However, one Filipino blogger named Keith Walter Ayuso had a particularly memorable experience when he rode in a taxi in Dubai with a Pakistani driver who is very fluent in speaking Tagalog. Although foreigners who fluently speak Filipino is no longer a new concept for most of us. Still, we admire those foreigners who express love for our own mother tongue, such as this man!

On the now-viral video that Ayuso shared online, it seems like the blogger had an enjoyable experience riding in the taxi of the Pakistani driver named Hussain. Just like any good driver, Hussain is very friendly to his passengers.

Upon hopping in, Husain immediately greeted Ayuso with:

“Magandang umaga sa’yo. Kamusta ka po?”

Much to Ayuso’s surprise, he then replied back to the driver as a courtesy. However, the amazed passenger did not let the chance pass without interviewing Pakistani driver. Apparently, Hussain knows a lot more about Filipino culture than just our language.

The delighted passenger asked about how he learned Tagalog, the pure Pakistani said:

“Sa pasahero lang sir. Kasi marami ng pasaherong kabayan na dito sa Dubai. Hindi kayo kasi kuripot pag taxi. The second thing kasi, tsismoso ako. Kaya ang galing galing akong magtagalog.”

Right then, he showcased his prowess in the Tagalog language by uttering the famous tongue-twisters such as: “Pitumput-pitong puting tupa”, “Nakakapagpabagabag”, “Pinitikpitik ni Pakita ang pitaka ni Pakito”, and “ Minikaniko ni Monico ang makina ni Monica”.

Interestingly, Hussain is also familiar to the common stereotypes among Filipinos. As well as the common expression “Pak Ganeeern”!

Wow! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing a lot of foreign drivers such as him.

In case you haven’t watched this funny video yet, then you better check it out here: