Barack Obama, a name that needs no introduction. A man that created history and made people realize that nothing is impossible when you are ready to put in the effort and not give up. Two times president of United States Of America, Obama changed the face of history by becoming the first African American president to sit in the Oval Office.

He is not only a perfect family man but also knows and does things people can just imagine. By legalizing same $ex-marriage, he proved that he stands up to his words.

Barack Obama’s Photographer Clicked 2 Million Photos Of Him In Eight Years – These Are The Best Ones!

Barack Obama was clicked more than 2 million times last year, here are the best ones-

1. Have you ever seen a cooler president?

2. That’s Bo and Barack Obama, ladies and gentlemen.

3. Isn’t this pic absolutely adorable?

4. A man who treats his wife in the best way possible.

5. Giving a new meaning to “being down to earth”.

6. For a moment I thought this a movie’s poster.

7. Do you see Katie Beirne Fallon’s reaction in the background? Yes, that’s what happens when the President decides to bring your twin boys into the Oval Office.

8. A picture worthy of being a classy screensaver.

9. When Barack Obama gives ‘just chilling’ goals.

10. When a man knows who is important in a room full of people.

11. Oh, this? That’s the man watching Men In Black 3 in 3D with his people in White House movie theatre.

12. When you forget everyone else because of the person you love is there with you.

13. Have you ever seen a President goofing around with his employees?

14. Meet Prince George greeting Barack Obama.

15. This picture alone overpower the others. George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in one image.

16. Oh, this? That’s just the son of a White House Staff patting Obama’s head.

17. Ever seen anyone playing football in the Oval Office? Yes, that’s what he is doing.

18. You know a man loves his job when he is this happy while going back home.

19. You can tell a lot about a person by the way he treats children and this picture screams Obama’s awesomeness.

20. If you are wondering if this one is photoshopped or not then let me tell you, it’s not.

21. Let the man eat in peace at least!

22. That moment when he visited the Jimmy Fallon Show and laughed to his heart’s content.

23. Yes, that’s him enjoying a meal with the public.

24. Now, that’s one sassy picture.

25. Can someone click a picture similar to this for me?

26. George Lucas, are you seeing this?

27. The real Captain America.

28. This is so adorable.

29. That “bro, everything is okay” moment.

30. The family man.

Source : Lifehacks