The electric bike is charging in the house suddenly bursting fire, the incident is receiving the attention from the community.

According to sources provided, the incident occurred in a residential area in China. Photographs from a security camera, a father and daughter sitting on the sofa at home, the bike plugged into the corner of the house suddenly burst out loud some ‘noise’.

Father and daughter are sitting in house, the electric bike is charging

A slight blast from the bike and fuming makes them panic, the dog lying in the house feels the abnormality then he runs away. At this moment, the father in the clip rushed to the bike to pull out the plug and thought that everything was under control.

Then the bike start to have smoke

However, when the smoke grew more and more, the father did not think, quickly picked up the girl ran out of the room. Within a few seconds, the car exploded, making a loud noise, and the house ‘sank’ into the dark smoke and fire.

And the bike exploded

Currently, it is not possible to determine the status of the father-and-daughter in the clip. Accordingly, the whole thing takes place in about 18 seconds to make the viewer not out of fear. The clip was quickly broadcast on the forums, many people leave comments as follows:

“Luckily the father hurried to run away, couldn’t know what will happen if he was late”.

“If the bike explodes at night, when the family is sleeping, it will be even more terrifying.”

“That is why we should buy genuine products, stay away from unknown products.”

Watch video:

Dieu Linh/Feedy