Women these days are considerably luckier than the those in the past. With the evolution of their roles in society and movements that fought for their equal rights, women are more empowered in this generation.

It used to be an unfavorable world for women. They used to be seen as people who only belonged to the kitchen, or in the house, with no place in the corporate world. They were also not given the right to vote in most countries since they were not treated as equal to men.

But like most things, the mindset of people changes. From a society with a limited view of the world, we have collectively evolved to one that gives value to all human beings regardless of race, nationality, and even gender.

Now, you see women being ore independent and empowered more than ever. You see them being bosses in the corporate scene, you see them as candidates for political campaigns, you even see them as leaders in their own respects. In short, women have leveled up from being kitchen-dwellers to power players in society.

However, evolution and development is an ever continuous process. Despite these triumphs that we have overcome in terms of women’s rights, the fight is still not over. Just recently, the issue of catcalling has been heightened due to multiple incidents that have made women feel unsafe on the streets. Along with these are issues of men’s provocation of women in public.

A recent video has been making the rounds on various social media platforms due to what it showed. People have been alarmed and have urged every woman to be more vigilant whenever they are in public. This is because the video shows a woman riding a public bus being taken advantage of the passenger behind her.

In the video, the woman caught the passenger behind her trying to fit his hand at the side of bus chair, trying to feel the woman’s breasts. Good thing the guy was not successful as the woman was fully aware of what he was trying to do, and has become careful of letting her bosom touch the guy’s hand.

People on the internet did not take this lightly. There were several negative comments on the behavior of the guy, saying it was something that should have put the guy behind bars. But more than comments about the guy, most of the netizens focused on reminding their fellow women about being more mindful of their surroundings when in public so they could avoid these situations.

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Source: socialdaily.