The Internet has gone mad about the heartbreaking story of a child who was maltreated by her stepmom, Berna Espina. According to Michaella Lopez, her niece has been allegedly hit multiple times by her father’s new partner. She was also the one who uploaded the alarming video of her hospitalized niece which immediately went viral. In the clip, the toddler’s swollen face is filled with bruises and wounds.

Raffy Tulfo‘s “Wanted Sa Radyo” featured her story and decided to file charges against the couple. He also talked to the biological mother, Marimar Quilap-Quilap, who was unaware of what was happening to her child.

After they got separated in 2016, her former partner took away their child without any consent. She also revealed that Melvin De Vera, the father, physically hurts her too. She tried to retrieve her daughter but when she came back, Berna and Melvin already moved to a different place.

Recently, the biological mother together with her mother went back onto Raffy’s radio show. This time they were able to talk to the stepmom through the phone. On her defense, Berna stressed that the toddler attained her bruises after accidentally hitting her face on the sink. She also denied the accusations that she maltreated the child.

Sadly, she didn’t even apologize to Marimar nor her three-year-old daughter. The emotional mother immediately burst out as she promised to file charges against the ruthless couple. Meanwhile, the veteran journalist also promised to help the child, especially with her expenses.

Netizens especially parents expressed how hard it was to see their child in the same situation. Many people are now rooting for the detaining of the two.

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Source: Kami.