In life, sometimes you need flights. It could be your business trips away from home, fun trips and vacation trips. For some people flying is a happiness, but for others it is a terror. Each flight is indispensable for the crew. They control flight, provide everything for you to have a good and safe flight. From food, drinks to blankets, pillows, medicine, … just you want them to respond to you immediately. They are very professional.

The Seats

One attendant revealed that not all tray tables are wiped properly between each flight. That’s the most unhygienic surface you could ever imagine of.

The Water Source

You should not drink water that is not coming out of the bottle. Never know where they would be filling up water and serving you. It may contain harmful bacteria posing threat to health.

Air Payment

Though they earn a low salary they are also paid for the flying time but only when the doors are closed and they are finally in the air. Anytime which is spent at the airport in preparations or deplaning is not considered paid.


As you go higher more the consumptions of alcohol, there will be a significant effect on your brain. The crew needs to know how much you have been served. You cannot take your own booze and serve self when flying.

The Shades

There is a rule to keep window shades open during takeoff and landing but there is a reason behind it. This is for the flight attendant to analyze the situation outside and decide on which side door to be opened in case of an emergency.

Slide in Emergency

In one such incident, a passenger wanted to get off the plane quickly and used the inflatable slider. This caused the flight to delay by the number of hours and caused more dollars in damage. The repack of same also need dollars to be spent.

Those are all the secrets on the flights we collected. Actually, with these things, people who do not work in aviation cannot know. Flight attendants also often do not say these things to their customers. You must have been curious and questioned many times, right? We give you more information to get you safer flights. Have a nice day.