There has been no shortage of reports about Kris Aquino’s new condition after she opened up about its difficulties and heartaches over the past week through a succession of posts all over her Instagram account.

In the said posts, she detailed how her weight had diminished by 15 pounds due to pressure and stress that also initiated her autoimmune ailment that even prompted for her sweet son to basketball player James Yap, Bimby to offer his kidney to her in panic that she had something much more severe than her preliminary diagnosis, which was chronic spontaneous urticaria. “It was heartbreaking to see my 11 year old crying inconsolable tears and pleading, “please don’t leave me mama.”

Bimb even offered me his kidney” said the Queen of Media, The little boy seemingly thought that his mother had lupus, which he is knowledgeable of because of celebrity and international singer Selena Gomez, who is affected by a different autoimmune illness called lupus. It must have been specifically hard for the boy to take it all in, as he was raised completely by his mother with an absent father figure. For all the eleven years, Bimby has only had his mother to lean on and no one else.

This touching gesture has touched the hearts of many Filipinos, including ours.

Kris Aquino also shared that her flashes began during 2013 when she had originally just discharged the whole skin condition as common hives. That kind of hives would last for roughly a week and can be treated by antihistamine to manage the itchiness.

But Kris Aquino’s situation was a different case, far different from that. Her flashes steadily worsened to 2 episodes in a month and typically last for 4 to 7 days. Her illness shakes only less than 1 percent of the human population She further polished numerous of her followers by also explaining and detailing that while some may ache through it for one to five years, hers she will have to combat for the rest of her life.

“i believe everything happens as part of God’s plan for our lives. i have the platforms to raise awareness about this medical challenge. Thank you to all who messaged me w/ love & prayers… Good night. Yes, i’m starting to SMILE from my heart again” said Kris.

Are you aware of her illness? Have you experienced its common counterpart, hives? Let us know in the comment section below!