People have always been conscious of their appearance and with each passing year, fashion trends emerge that are increasingly captivating. Fashion in its essence can be bold or daring, or even totally ridiculous; it would seem that fashion experts have declared ugly the new fashion trend. But if there is one thing we can all agree at, it’s rarely dull or boring. Then again, how many versions of sweatpants or shoes can a designer come up with until they are out of ideas?

When this happens, designers come up with clever ways of turning an old concept into a completely new modern look. Well, in some cases it’s a total fashion fail, or not based on an individual’s perception (we reckon that they clock a number of sales).

Check out these items that are currently stocked in clothing stores that are likely to turn heads on the street.

Wardrobe malfunction?

Going for bust

Please don’t wear this shirt around your waist

Perhaps not the best print for leggings

A little fishy for the shoes

Fascinated by the rug patterns

Such a cute little hat at first sight

Crispy ideas if riped knees are old fashioned

Fish-net tights?

Fancy some comfy toes?

MINions more like SINions

What would YOU know about cuffs?

Its just a shirt with a fan, nothing fancy

All the old hags will envy you with these

What is this now?

You may consider getting one of these

As a consolation, not only clothes have fashion fails

Source: spysparrow