Love is one of the most powerful things in the world. As a matter of fact, many people crave to find their one true love—that person they will spend eternity with, one that they can share their passions and emotion with.

Many people have a hard time finding their soulmates. Others even spend their whole lives just to find that special one. But there are those lucky ones who have found their pair and so they try their hardest to make the relationship work.

There is really now sure formula on how to make a relationship last long. There is a combination of factors that help keep and maintain a relationship. Of course, people have to maintain healthy communication between them. Apart from that, there is also the factor of trust and respect to each other.

When couples engage in an open communication, they easily get to voice out their concerns. This leads to a deeper sense of respect and trust toward each other. Talking things out makes the relationship stronger as it really goes into a cycle of giving and taking, which is the very foundation of a relationship.

Once this is achieved, people in a relationship become very comfortable with each other and in turn, strengthens the relationship so that nothing can come between them. Any trial or hardship that they may encounter, they will triumph over because of the deep connection that they have founded.

It is during this stage of the relationship that couples feel they are free to do the things they want to do because they trust that their partners will understand and respect their decision. Whether taking a big leap towards career, or something as simple as doing a prank, they are assured that their partners will not be bothered by such actions.

As a matter of fact, many partners have gone into pranking each other and they have become rather viral on several social media platforms. These couple pranks range from the typical to the bizarre, but one thing is for sure, couples involved in these prank videos trust each other enough that they didn’t get bothered by whatever prank their partner pulled on them.

Take a look at this video wherein the woman pranked her boyfriend to make him believe that she was fooling around with some guy inside their house. The result, a priceless reaction from the boyfriend, in which they both end up just laughing at the whole situation.

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Source: Socialdaily.