Love really knows no boundaries. As cliché as it sounds, love is one of the strongest forces of nature that you have to deal with. Once you feel it, there is no denying its presence. It does not matter if you have very high standards, or if you have none at all. Love does not discriminate.

Love in this day and age has received a rather complex definition. It used to be just between men and women, but people’s view on romantic love has elevated to heights we never thought it could. During this generation, love transcends all limits, be it gender, race, nationality, or in the case of this featured couple, height.

Paulo and Katyucia are a couple from Brazil whom, despite their lack of height found love in each other’s arms. Their combined height is 5 feet 10 inches, making them a strong contender for the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest couple in the world.

But beyond achieving this record, the two of them seem to have fallen deeply in love with each other. In the video, the two shared their journey towards falling in love.

Katyucia recounts that she didn’t like Paulo in the beginning. According to her, he was rather annoying with his cheesy pickup lines. It may have been a rocky start but the two have triumphed in making their relationship work. As a matter of fact, they have been together for 8 years now.

The only thing missing, as many of their friends have been suggesting, is the exchange of vows between Katyucia and Paulo. While they act as a married couple, living together, it’s still a different sense of completeness if the two of them could be officially pronounced as husband and wife.

This is where Paulo starts planning. With the help of their friends, Paulo wants to ask Katyucia’s hand in marriage. And so he planned of taking her out to dinner together with their friends.

Paulo wanted to share this momentous moment with the people who have been their support system as a couple. During the dinner, Paulo talks to everyone saying that their friends have seen him and Katyucia together for quite a long time now and that they have been there for them numerous times. It is with this reason that he wanted to ask Katyucia to marry him.

The words slid out of Paulo’s mouth rather spontaneously, making Katyucia think that he was only joking. This caused her to ask Paulo repeatedly if he was serious. Upon realizing that Paulo wasn’t joking, Katyucia immediately responded with a brimming, “Of course I want to marry you.”

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Source: socialdaily.