Mourinho on top-4 hopes: The Manchester United manager has talked about the top-4 hopes of the club.

Manchester United have had a struggling season. The side is currently 7th in the league, and was held to a draw by the relegation-threatened Southampton. Jose Mourinho’s side has failed to win a league game in their last three matches.

Paul Pogba’s situation at Manchester United has also been a major controversy at the club this season. The relationship between the player and Jose Mourinho is seemingly on the rocks after a series of controversial statements from both sides since the beginning of the season.

The pressure has significantly increased on Jose Mourinho, and in the media interaction for the game against Arsenal, the manager responded to the top-four hopes of the side.

Mourinho on top-4 hopes:

Mourinho stated that the target for the December has changed after Manchester United faced two consecutive draws against Crystal Palace and Southampton.

“Before the Crystal Palace game I told my hopes and targets were, by the end of December, to be in that position,” Mourinho began. “The target changed, but in the sense of let’s try to close the distance as best we can and be very close to these positions.”

The Manchester United manager, in an interview with RedeTV, allegedly stated that United would need a ‘miracle’ to reach top four this season. However, he denied the statement today, insisting that the side needs to perform consistently.

“I think it’s far from a miracle, we just need to not be so unlucky with problems that we have, we need some players to perform better than they are and we need to perform better as a team, but far from a miracle.”

Mourinho also believes that the side will overtake Everton soon.

“I think Manchester United, in seventh place, I can agree, in spite of the investment Everton made, which was phenomenal.

“Obviously there was a great improvement in that team from last season in relation to this season, but I don’t think Everton will be in front of us at the end of the season.”

Talking about the top six, Mourinho insisted that league will see a top six which it has seen over the last few years.

“There are six teams that should stay in the first six positions. Season after season, two of these teams are staying outside the top four.

“Last season was Arsenal and Chelsea, and this season two of these six are going to stay outside. Who is the best team of the six? The team with more potential? The team with less potential? Who is the team performing not so well?

“These will be the questions and answers around the top six. At the end of the season, the top six will be done by the six teams we all know have that responsibility to finish in the top six.”

Source : Thesportsrush