Unlike other countries, Filipinos have this habit of buying “pasalubong” for our beloved families for hundreds of decades. Unfortunately, some vendors take this chance to deceive some of their unconscious customers. Recently, a commuter shared his unfortunate encounter with a vendor who cheats with a weighing scale.

As a Filipino we are used to include money for souvenirs every time we plan a getaway. We are used to buying these products on our way home, whether it be a basket of fruits, key chains, or just different kinds of jams. And usually, we use a weighing scale to know how much we’re going to pay.

On his Facebook, Aliyodin Mustapha posted videos and photos of his encounter with the fruit vendor in San Pablo City, Laguna. On the video, he was arguing with the middle-aged vendor after realizing the trick of her fraud weighing scale.

His group decided to weigh the fruit they bought after seeing something suspicious, but the woman vendor immediately called out their attention. He tried to compare it with his own measuring device and to his surprise, his one kilogram fruit weighed almost two kilogram in the fruit shop’s.

As a result, the man confronted the owner of the fruit stall. He lectured her not to bamboozle her customers just for the sake of money. The middle-aged woman immediately hid her tricky weighing machine inside her shop, after fearing that she might be sued.

Filled with rage, Aliyodin decided to ask for police assistance. But to his disappointment, the officer only confiscated the machine and promised to call the shop’s attention.

Many netizens supported the man’s action. Some of them even shared their story of the same experience. Although he decided not to file charges against the woman, he pleaded that they must be honest with their jobs and their customers. Today, his videos have gained over 100,000 views and 13,000 shares.

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Source: showbizread.