This incident made a Chinese girl be hospitalized in embarrassment due to the fact that her dog was stuck in a sensitive part.

A 20-year-old young girl in Guangdong, China had emergency treatment in anxiety when her pet dog was attached to her sensitive part. It was impossible to be removed so she had to rely on medical intervention.

The clip posted on the social network showed that the young girl was lying on a trolley and the nurses quickly put her in the ambulance. It can be clearly seen from the video that a Chihuahua puppy was lying on this girl.

The young girl was taken to the hospital and helped by the doctors who removed the dog from her sensitive part.

The girl was embarrassed to admit that because of the desire to experience new and curious feelings, she did not control the excitement. However, that “jokes” went over the limit with her little dog.

She treated the little dog as a sexual partner. The unexpected results of her actions made her extremely embarrassed. Luckily, her health wasn’t seriously affected but this incident made her embarrassed and she did not dare to face anyone.

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Source: feedytv