Did you like math at school? We might handle the easy equations but backpedal in front of the hard ones. This particular math puzzle seems very easy but don’t let the first impression mislead you. It may take some time before you figure out the solution! But why not take time for a bit of brain exercise?

Sounds intriguing?

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Here is the wrong equation put in matchsticks 6 + 4 = 4, and you have to fix it by moving just one stick to the different place. There are some rules you can not break:

  1. It should be an equality with the (=) sign;
  2. You can not break the matchstick;
  3. You can use the 7-segment numbers (commonly used in electronic displays.)

There are 2 solutions so far unless you come up with the third one.

0 + 4 = 4

You can fix this equation by moving the middle stick from “6” to the right side so that you form “0”.

There is another option:

8 – 4 = 4

Take the vertical stick from the “+” and move it to the empty gap in “6”, now you have 8! You get another valid equation! You can check the solutions in this video.

Watch video here :

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Source : Mambee