Among the variety of television programs about music, dance, cooking …, this exciting game show brings viewers endless laughs.

You will be dizzy when watching the players repeatedly beaten when participating in a game with the outdoors stage following the pattern of connecting the obstacles, players are forced to overcome the challenge to win.

The players can be knocked down at any time.
Do you get dizzy when watching this game show?
If you want to join this show you must have the good physical strength
But the humorous fall of the candidates makes viewers can’t help laughing!
Do you take a risk to take part in this show!

The game not only requires the participant to have good physical strength and adaptability to overcome the obstacles but also to have the courage and ability to withstand unexpected blows.

The players must constantly overcome obstacles and can be knocked down at any time.

The unique challenges, dramatic alternation of humor makes the player is not able to calm down after passing around was then challenged to defeat.

The video recorded the difficult game show makes viewers extremely excited by the factors that are critical, adventurous and “horror” elements.

Watching video:

Phuong Thao/Feedy