The original film of 1984 named Karate Kid was the most famous martial arts film of this generation and one of the most iconic films.

Its success was such that several sequels were made with the same actors and, 26 years after its premiere, a new production was made, now with totally new actors and following a line more or less similar to the first version. In this 2010 film, several actors stand out, such as Jacki Chan and Jadem Smith; but who attracts our interest today is the girl who will play the role of Mei Ying: Chinese-born actress Wenwen Han.

Now, at 22 years old, she has stopped being a little girl to become a beautiful young woman, as talented and brilliant as when she made her role in the film eight years ago.

Currently, Wenwen Han devotes his life to the violin and his career in professional modeling.

She speaks Mandarin and English perfectly and, before her role in the film, trained as a dancer.

The radical change that his face has suffered has been the object of speculation about a possible plastic surgery. However, nothing is known about it and the young woman has not spoken about it.

What do you think of this change?

What do you think about this change? Is not that much changed?