– A 9-year-old child suʀvιvᴇᴅ her parents who were gυnnєɖ down by unidentified riding-in-tandem

– His parents were reportedly in the drug watchlist

– Both his parents died on the spot, and the gunmen took away one of the purses of his parents

A man and his wife were gunned down by two unidentified men, riding on a motorcyle, right in the middle of a street.

KAMI learned that the husband and wife were reportedly in the drug watchlist.

The husband was identified as Michael Canes, 27, and the wife was Fraldine Kate Canes, 24.

Both were living in Purok Lemonsito, Barangay Umapad, as per Sunstar Cebu report.

In the CCTV, it could be seen that the two, with their 9-year-old child sitting between them, stopped at a red light.

From the same direction where they were from, a motorcycle with two men riding, came into view.

It stopped beside them and immediately went on shooting the couple.

According to Police Major Aldrin Villacampa, Chief of Centro Police Station, the child was said to have played dead while the gunman were shooting her parents.

Source: Kami.