– Many residents of Metro Manila were affected by the water crisis

– Several local celebrities have expressed their woes in relation to the water crisis

– There’s Pokwang, Bianca Gonzalez, Glaiza de Castro and a whole lot more

When water crisis hit, it does hit hard and local celebrities are no exception.

We learned that a number of celebrities have already felt the pains of not having any water come out of the faucet.

With the hectic schedule that they have, it surely is hard to live daily without water.


The comedienne could be seen washing clothes with several water containers behind her.

Bianca Gonzalez

The host/actress lamented the fact that her husband had to go to ther mom’s home just to make “igib.”

Ai-Ai Delas Alas

The Kapuso actress described the crisis as akin to those experienced by 4th-world countries.

Glaiza de Castro

In replying to a post, all that the actress can say regarding the water crisis was that it’s really “hirap,” as reported by GMA.

Janno Gibbs

Ever the comedian that he is, he called himself “Janno iGibbs.”

Indeed, the water crisis has really affected a lot of people in Manila. In fact, a recent KAMI report showed some residents of a condominium drawing water from the swimming pool!

To sum it up, “Ganun ka lala!”

Source: Kami