– Christine Silawan’s mother, Lourdes Silawan, is grieving her daughter’s ɖєɑtɦ

– She recently gave an exclusive interview to Manila Bulletin

– The grieving mother talked about the pain she is experiencing and opened up about what kind of a daughter Christine was

16-year-old Christine Silawan’s death made many Filipinos grieve. However, the one who has suffered the most is her mother, Lourdes Silawan.

We learned that the grieving mother has broken her silence about her daughter.

In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin, Lourdes said that she has cried a lot and is feeling weak due to the pain of losing her child.

She also described her daughter as a loving, quiet, and obedient child who was very close to her.

“I have no more tears left to cry. I feel so weak. I don’t know if I can recover from this.

“She was a very good daughter. I couldn’t understand why someone had to do something barbaric to her. She was very kind, a silent type. She was my buddy, she was very obedient. She would do everything I tell her to do without complaining,” Lourdes said in Cebuano, according to Manila Bulletin.

Christine’s father, Mario Pardillo, has been separated from Lourdes for more than a decade already but he went to Cebu immediately from Bohol after learning about the tragic news.

KAMI reported earlier that the doctor who examined Christine’s remains revealed that several internal organs were missing from her body.

The girl was found dead in Cebu with her face skinned off. Authorities are still looking for the suspect or suspects for the terrible crime.

Source: Kami.