Do you like dogs? Well here is something that will rustle your jimmies. We all can appreciate the love that people develop for dogs, after all, they are man’s best friend. But just how many best friends does one couple need? Get ready to have your eggs scrambled because this couple is dog crazy, and we are absolutely loving it.

The pair, who are absolutely #couplegoals, manages to adopt a new canine into their family every single anniversary.

Carlos and Neydi Romero has successfully managed to bring a new pup into their home with them for the past three years that they have been married to each other.

People who have heard the story are a little concerned about how long this will continue…

Having dogs is certainly a privilege and something a young couple can look forward to.

But how far can one household go?

With Nyedi not being able to have any dogs when she was younger, she is definitely making the most of being able to now. People are on board with the idea, and definitely, think it is something that should happen more.

Some are even willing to make threats to their future partners…

While others are a little concerned about the money required to keep up this fantastic gift giving, especially when it is a yearly event.

Although the Romero’s say that they were throwing around ideas about turning their puppy positive household into a place that will be a foundation for rescue shelter dogs.

If it were me, I would definitely be on board for this kind of gifting. To be honest, I would be more worried about having the dogs than having a husband! While puppies are extremely adorable and cuddly they also happen to get in a lot of trouble, and you need to be prepared for it.

Source: Eyesonoz.