Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Croatia’s President, is not the one we used to see. However, this leader can inevitably turn a lot of heads.

Despite being Croatia’s fourth president, the first woman to become Croatia’s President ever since the primary multiple party election was held in 1990 and the youngest Croatian president yet, 49-year-old Kolinda is very familiar with U.S. model Coco Austin, famous for her voluptuous shape and marriage to rapper Ice-T.

She is married to Jakov Kitarovic, and they have two children named Katarina and Luka.

The whole world admits that Kitarovic is so happy as his woman with her gorgeous hair and curves that can rock the world. It’s no wonder people are going crazy over her bikini beach photos. However, The Daily Mail claims the beach snaps first appeared on Twitter, with many showing their appreciation for the “president” and expressing a sudden interest in moving to Croatia.

The pictures of Coco mis-credited to be of the president, taken on holiday with her husband Ice-T in Miami in 2009, were posted with captions such as: “Croatian President, new crush alert”. According to a survey conducted in May 2016, 47% of citizens do not approve of Kolinda’s work, while 45% approve. In March 2016, her work was approved by 52% of the population. Nevertheless, she is still Croatia’s most popular politician with 57%, while Prime Minister Tikhomir Oreshkovich is the second most popular (55%).

While against same-sex marriage, Grabar-Kitarović expressed her clear support for the Life Partnership Act, which enabled same-sex couples to enjoy rights equal to heterosexual married couples, praising it as a good compromise. She also included sexual orientation in her inaugural speech and said she would support her son if he was gay.

Grabar-Kitarović is in favor of abortion rights. She considers that the prohibition of abortion would not solve anything, and stresses that attention should be paid to education in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Grabar-Kitarović criticized the hard process of adoption and stated that “the whole system has to be reformed so that through education and social measures it enables every woman to give birth to a child, and that mother and the child can eventually be taken care of in an appropriate manner.”

The President also has spoken in support of green initiatives along with the dangers of climate change for the environment and global security. In 2016, she signed the Paris Agreement at UN Headquarters in New York City. During another speech at the UN, she stated that climate change was a “powerful weapon of mass destruction.”

In contrast, Nicole “Coco” Austin is a “television personality, glamour/fitness model, actress, dancer, author, fashion designer, entrepreneur and internet sensation”, according to her own website.

The 38-year-old married rapper Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow in 2002 and the couple live in New Jersey with their newborn daughter Chanel Nicole.

Source: Forexx-fe