Every action and every bit tells something about a person’s personality and similarly, the method of a person crossing their finger will reveal a lot about their personality and if a person is non-expressive, this action will help you to know them better

Body language and signs related to body language

Body language can express many things, it is especially helpful for understanding the person who is very much non-expressive and sign language related to body language is also not a language with any grammar or a special system.

The body and the categories of body language

In the categories of body language lies the facial expression of a person which is the cheeks movements, the eyes or the eyebrows, lips and another expression and the body language can be felt by their actions, dominating or submissive nature of a person can be a good way to know that the person is angry or weak by its personality.

Handshakes and breathing and gestures

The way we move our arms and legs are another type of body language and it is also considered as the gestures and also other physical reactions are also considered as the gestures. One of the finest examples of gestures is ‘shoulder shrug’ which includes hunched shoulders, exposed palms, and others. When it comes to handshakes and breathing, it depends on person to person. If a person breathes slowly and deeply then the person is considered as relaxed and if a person takes shallow and rapid breathes then he/she is considered to be nervous and under pressure.

Other gestures like keeping left thumb on top

These were the big parts of our body but what about our small parts of the body, even they express a lot about us like if you keep your left thumb on the top then you are somebody who is more of a practical person than being an emotional one, their heart is the second thing , they gib=ve their first preferences to their head and make more logical decisions in life.

Their Relations With Their Love And Other People

Your intelligence makes you very popular among friends and family and it is not really easy to lie in front of such kind of people as you will use your intelligence and sense the lies and these people also have a weird sense of humor that will help them to come out of an awkward situation and when it comes to love and relationships, you have so many partners waiting for you and but you will only get attracted to people with whom you can connect and have a deeper bond and your partner will never get bored of you.

Both the thumbs are in straight line and how are they around people

If you are a person who prefers to keep their all fingers in a straight line then that person is known for their confidence and following the path of leadership is easy for them and everybody around you really appreciates this and you get noticed by everyone and you are also very sensitive when it comes to people’s emotions and try your best that your decision doesn’t affect anybody else and also think deeper about other people’s issues and you are a very hard worker and also achieve success for your hard work.

Their Love Relationships

In your love relationship, you are the person who will constantly give energy in their relationship and you are always in it for a long-term relationship and your frank nature that would not affect anyone or harm anyone would also make you open partner and also gain very much respect from your partner.

Right Thumb Is On Top

If your fingers are crossed and your right thumb is on top then you are somebody who is very much aware of the emotions going on inside you and also observe the small changes in emotions of people around you, you also make people very much comfortable around you when they share anything with you.

Decision Making

You generally have the nature of noticing things that are not really noticed by anyone, that is small details and your analysis of understanding people and making decisions is very much different from others and yo also take time and make decisions very carefully by keeping every consequence in your mind.

Love and relationships

You understand your partner very much easily without even asking them any questions and you understand the unsaid. You also give a lot of support to your partner when he/she will be emotional and understand the fact that everybody has their own baggage and help them to unpack their stress and weaknesses.

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