Nothing can make your heart stop like a kid who looks like they’re about to fall from the stairs or into the ocean. Stephen Crowley, a Dublin-based designer, and dad have mastered the fine art of Photoshopping his daughter Hannah into situations that would give most parents a heart attack. The artist started doing it to troll his relatives and give them a fright. Because he’s good at Photoshop and because the situations are only marginally dangerous, they’re believable at first glance. His convincing work can easily fool someone and make them believe what they are seeing.

Stephen Crowley thought it would be fun to worry his family a bit by putting someone so delicate into a precarious situation, all without creating any actual danger. Since the Photoshops started gaining attention on the internet, he used the opportunity of his new fame to spread awareness for the danger his daughter actually was in. She had an autoimmune disorder called HLH and spent the first six months of her life in a hospital, receiving chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

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