If you have kids, you are no stranger to the “interesting” and “creative” artwork you likely have plastered all over your fridge and walls.

But let’s be frank, a lot of it is pretty bad. They’re kids, so that’s what you expect, but if we were to judge their art on the same spectrum as, say, Monet, it’s pretty shabby at best.

One dad, however, saw his son’s artwork as a masterpiece waiting to happen. He believed his son’s drawings could be brought to life.

So with a little Photoshop and mad skill, the most beautiful pictures ever birthed now exist.

1. That’s the fiercest killer whale alive.

2. Spot. On.

3. Next up, an animal that never forgets.

4. Nailed it.

5. Classic giraffe.

6. Wait, which one is based on the drawing? It’s so good I can’t even tell.

7. Finding Nemo?

8. More like, Finding Rembrandt!

9. Regular bicycle.

10. The future.

11. Standard seagull.

12. …and the wind beneath my wings.

13. No cowardly lion here!

14. Just the fiercest predator you’ve ever laid eyes on.

15. Dream car.

16. I WISH.

17. No two zebras look alike.

18. Majestic.

19. Let your creativity soar.

20. I love goats.

21. It’s the circle of life.

22. The beauty that emerges from unlikely places…

23. Obviously a cat.

24. Whoa! Wasn’t expecting to get hit with the calico!

Bravo, kid. Bravo, Dad.

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Source : Lifestyle