Most canteens and eateries have a “clean as you go” policy or commonly know as the “CLAYGO.” It is the practice of being responsible for the area a person used for eating at these places. Plates, spoon, forks, and other utensils are placed in a special bin or area that the owners have provided.

A lot of schools and some office establishments already have a CLAYGO sign in their canteens. This is a reminder for the students and other people who will be eating there to be more cautious of their surroundings. However, it usually goes unnoticed.

Recently, a Facebook user named Adrian Symon Soco posted a video on his Facebook that went viral. It shows two Koreans who cleaned up their mess on the table. Adrian decided to film them as they were doing it to show everyone an example of how CLAYGO should be done.

Furthermore, Adrian was hoping that the Koreans on the video he took will serve as role models to Filipinos who don’t practice this art. Let us hope that this example would push more local residents to clean up after themselves. It would be quite confusing to note that foreigners living here act better than most full-blooded Filipinos, right?

Maybe it’s time we practice being more responsible for our actions starting today. We can definitely begin this journey by cleaning up our meals in restaurants after we’ve eaten. It will certainly brighten up the day of the waiters and busboys who work there. We hope that the tables will turn and the other race will the one filming Filipinos doing it.

Watch video:

Source: Tnpmedia.