One trillion pesos – this is allegedly the amount that former and late President Cory Aquino have spent on “ghost projects” in her four years as Philippine President according to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

In his opinion column at Business Mirror, political author Cecilio Arillo revealed how the veteran Senator exposed Aquino’s anomalies including spending millions of pesos in ghost projects and spreading fake news during her term.

According to Enrile, in 1990, Aquino claimed that under her leadership, the government has built a total of “3,365 kilometers of major roads and 18,120 kilometers of feeder roads from 1986 to 1990.”

Enrile said that this claim is categorically incorrect and raised that the length of the “archipelago from north to south is 1,851 kilometers only”.

“Perhaps, the President and her Cabinet members should tell us where these new roads are. Frankly, I have not seen any in my travels in the countryside. Of course, some could be located inside Hacienda Luisita, as one Commission on Audit report disclosed,” Enrile said.

The Senator also debunked Aquino’s claim that under her administration, the government had irrigated a total of 27,530 hectares of farmlands.

“Where are these irrigated farmlands located? Could these be in Tarlac or some planet like Mars? If this claim is true, why are we still importing rice and corn?”

he said adding that in 1988, the Aquino administration only imported 187,154 metric tons of rice and 172,263 MT of corn which a clear evidence that the former President is only whitewashing the public.

The veteran Senator also accused the late President of spending a total of P1-trillion in ghost projects which could have been useful in changing the lives of many Filipino people.

“If that sum of money were judiciously used, we would be seeing today immense and dramatic improvement in the quality of our life. And yet, in terms of visible physical and structural infrastructure achievement, the Aquino administration pales in comparison with the regime it replaced,” Enrile said.