This project today is the newest super sweet paper flower DIY. Use your flowers to create a mass installation such as the heart above, or pop them on sticks and into vases. Experiment with colour, pattern or even the texture to make your paper flowers work for your event.


– Standard weight paper

– Pencil

– Scissors or Scalpel

– PVA Glue

– Bamboo skewer

How to:

Step 1: Create two heart shapes, one a roughly third bigger than the other. Ensure you have a symmetrical shape. These will form the templates for your petals.

Step 2: To make one flower, cut out the following:

6x of each size petal

A circle of paper (size of a 10 pence)

A 5cm strip of paper and fringe

Step 3: Curl the pointed end of the petal round a pencil towards you and the wide end of the petal away from you. This will give the flower a 3D shape.

Step 4: Using your paper circle as a base, layering one on top of another, glue your larger petals clockwise to make a flower head.

Step 5: Repeat this process with the smaller petals.

Step 6: Roll your fringed strip of paper into a stamen.

Step 7: Glue the stamen to the central of the flower and tease out the fringing.

And, you’re done. Glue them together as a giant wall decoration.