The universe has strange ways of sending subliminal messages. We still don’t know the whole power of the mystery that lies beyond the current knowledge and understanding of humanity. We, humans, are creatures that often make mistakes, but often we make miracles too. We are all part of the giant energy flow and energy circles that represent the existence of everything and evolution of all.

We are energy fields like all other beings, and our body channels the energy that is directed and comes out of our bodies. The eating and sleeping patterns play an incredibly important role in the way we develop our physical and mental health.

According to the traditional chinese medicine the channels in our body are called meridians. Some of them are more important than the others and they are true holders of energy. The accupuncture and many other spiritual and medicine practices of the traditional chinese medicine are directly connected with the meridians of our body and their proper treatment.

These teachings claim that our meridians are active every couple of hours. Or to be more specific, each meridian activates the Chi flow, and each meridian activates at certain moment.

Now, let’s try to check out the different times and what the sleep patterns tell us if we have trouble sleeping in these times. This could be a good solution to many!

21:00 – 23:00: Grumpy Mode – ON

This is the time when usually most of the people go to bed. Most of us wake up early to go to work or finish the obligations for that day. However, if you have some difficulties having sleep during these hours, it could be an indicator that your body is trying to change your routine.

Ask this Question to yourself: Do you lack of pleasure in your life?

Antidote: Do the balancing Hatha Yoga breathing technique which will help you calm your Chi. Meditate on peace. Find more quality time for yourself.

23:00 – 01:00 AM : Anger Mode – ON

This is the time when most of the people are dreaming. During these couple of hours you may seem irritated and agitated by something you cannot understand. As we already mentioned, the manifestation of the energy flows is always strange and unclear, but as you saw in the previous meridian, your body gives you signals that something must be changed in your lifestyle. Having issues with this meridian may result in migraines and strong headaches.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why are you so furious?

Antidote: You need to let past go and make peace with it. Embrace you decisions because you made them with you current wisdom. Try having a bath before going to bed.

01:00 – 03:00 AM: Hate Mode – ON

During this period of time, most of us are already snoring, but this time is explicitly of the worst emotion of the human spirit- hatred. If you wake up around 1:00-3:00 AM there is a possibility that your emotional profile is destroyed by self-hatred. This meridian is also related to Wood (Chinese Element System) thus everything about hatred and anger is related to it.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why can’t you forgive yourself?

Antidote: Healing meditation is what you need my dear. Put love and peace inside your heart.

03:00 – 05:00 AM: Fight Mode – ON

This is the period when the body temperature is lowest and the whole body is resting. If you wake up often during this period, it is an indicator that you have anxiety problems and serious issues with unfinished business in your life. The tension and pressure, even when is subconscious, manifests seriously on our health.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why are you Alert? What do you fear? Why are you under attack?

Antidote: Proper grounding can help you as it fortifies your defense system. Moreover, you can call upon the Blessings of Archangel Michael.

Source: Free Humanity