Dogs are considered part of a family to most people. Some person even loved these four-legged animals like their own relative. Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners and can be a man’s best friend. Aside from happiness we can receive, there are also some health benefits of owning a dog. It can improve our social life, reduce stress, and reduce the risk of having depression.

Recently, a public Instagram page posted a video that showed a tender love between a dog and its owner. It is very touching to see a human being and an animal share the same love towards each other.

The Instagram page @cuteanimalsco wrote in their post yesterday,

“How sweet is this? Just pure Love…Because all living beings deserve to be treated with Love and respect.”

In the video, a man donned in a red shirt arrived in his house. As he entered the door, his dog welcomed him.

The loving dog offered its paws and looked like reaching for a handshake. In response, the owner kissed his dog’s paws. Then the two shared a warm hug with one another. The owner caressed his furry pet at the back afterward.

This video just showed how a man can have an intimate bond with an animal.

The Instagram video became a trending topic across social media. It spread easily and reached more than a hundred thousand likes and views after posting just yesterday.

Meanwhile, netizens below the comments section expressed their happiness after seeing the short video of the dog and its owner. A lot of people said the two had a real love with each other.

It is indeed that dogs are a man’s best friend.

Watch video:

Source: Celebmagazine.