– Dog lover Antoinette Taus, na-trauma pagkatapos kagatin ng maraming beses ng isang aso

– Nasa hospital ngayon si Antoinette at naka-confine dahil sa dami ng kagat na natamo

– Ibinahagi niya ang masaklap na nangyari sa kanya sa kanyang social media page

Naka-confine ngayon si Antoinette Taus at nagpapahilom mula sa surgery dahil sa mga sugat na nakuha mula sa pag-atake ng isang aso.

Napag-alaman ng, na inatake ng isang ‘chow chow’ na uri ng aso ang aktres-singer sa Baguio.

Sabi pa ni Antoinette Taus sa kanyang post:

“I am currently confined and recovering from dog bites to my left forearm, left thigh, and right bre*ast. I was attacked by a chow chow on Saturday evening while at a family wedding in Baguio. My left forearm suffered the worst and took two hours of surgery and suturing.”

“We didn’t get to take photos when it happened or in the emergency room. There was so much going on that nobody thought of it. These are photos of my arm after surgery when my bandages were being changed. But initially when it first happened there was some fat hanging out of the wound and I could even see the tendon in my wrist. Luckily there’s no permanent damage and no arteries or nerves were harmed.”

At kalaunan ay inamin ng aktres-singer na na-trauma siya sa nangyari.

“For those thinking of getting a dog, I have been told that chow chow’s are the number one breed known to be involved dog bite cases. I am an animal lover and my natural instincts wouldn’t allow me to harm the dog that was attacking me. He is perfectly fine. But I am definitely traumatized most especially by the chowchow breed.”

Source: Kami.