New Mexico resident, Santiago Martinez took his annual road trip to Albuquerque for his vacation. This year though, he’d made the decision to abandon the beloved family pet, snuggles.

Before the trip Martinez apparently told friends that he was “sick of the useless mutt because I have to take the damn dog everywhere i go, first gas stop and i’m dumping him there!”

However, a few days into his vacation Santiago was relaxing on the beach when he spots his dog in the distance. Rubbing his eyes in amazement and also wracked with guilt, he calls out for his old buddy, snuggles.

Witnesses to the scene said: “We heard someone shouting the dogs name and running toward this beautiful little dog, as they got closer to each other it became clear that the cute little dog was now in attack mode and lunged towards the man. We heard a terrible scream as the dog latched onto the man’s upper thigh and would not let go.”

The witnesses added that after what seemed like an age, the dog finally let go of the now torn and bloodied thigh of Martinez and bolted out of sight.

One of the observers, Julia Kapinsky said: “It was late in the afternoon and we were getting ready to head back home when that little dog appeared. He came up to us with his big brown eyes and wagging his tail, he looked like such a happy little guy, we called out and looked for the owner but he was nowhere to be seen so we decided to take him home with us.”

Presumably Kapinsky didn’t think to check the local hospital where Mr Martinez was being treated for multiple lacerations to the thigh and lower calf.

At least the furry little fella is now in a better place with nice caring owners. One can only guess at how Martinez explained the missing pet to his family and injuries to his leg.

Source : Stoptheworld