– Christine Silawan’s ɱυɾɖєɾ has enraged the entire Filipino nation

– Superintendent Benjamin Lara, MD, performed an autopsy on her

– He found out that several internal σɾgaռs were missing from her ɓσɖყ

The brutal murder of a 16-year-old church server in Cebu named Christine Silawan has broken the hearts of Filipinos.

Many people who have been following the news are aware that her face was skinned off when her body was found.

We learned that the doctor who performed the autopsy on her revealed new details about her remains.

According to Inquirer Cebu and Sun Star Cebu, Superintendent Benjamin Lara, MD, director of the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory in Central Visayas, said that several internal organs of the victim were missing.

“We noted na wala na yung trachea – yung daanan ng hangin, yung esophagus wala na – pag kumakain tayo dun dumadaan yung food papunta sa stomach, and yung entire musculature ng neck sa right side wala na… Including the tongue, wala na rin,” Lara revealed.

However, there is a possibility that these organs were not forcibly taken by the killer or killers but that wild animals could have eaten them.

He added that Silawan’s murder is one of the most gruesome crimes he has ever encountered, according to the Philippine Star.

Netizens were shocked after finding out about the new revelations:

“A good girl with a painful death! It’s just not fair!”

“Praying that the culprits/perpetrators would surface!”

“Horrible ! Suspects were not in their right minds…”

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