We can’t predict the way people behave to each other. Money maybe an element that can indicate the true color of each person.

The rich and the poor, in some places or situations exist a gap between them. In the past, discrimination between the two classes in society was obvious, you can see it clearly when watching documented films or films basing on true stories. The rich is thought to behave politely and not to do something embarrassedly relating to their asset or money. Nevertheless, no one can predict what people do.

A recent social experiment has proved the true color of people. Johal is a youtuber with more than 1 million subcribers. He created his own youtube channel to share his video of social experiments and pranks. His goal is to spread positivity around the world with his videos also inspire other to help people in need as well as help to look at our life through different lens. Life is colorful and what you is seeing is maybe one part of it..

He disguised as a blind man then passes by some those are both rich and poor to challenge what their reaction is.

First, Johal passed by a man seeming to have a decent job and dropped his money. Surprisingly, the man on formal suite came the position that the money was lying, picked it up and put it in his trousers. 2 minutes later, Johal pretended to find out that he realized he had lost his money somewhere. When coming back to the place that he actually dropped the money, the man on suite secretly went straight and pretended not to know what happened.

Another same experiment was taken, Johal dropped his money while a man holding a screen of desktop came to him. The man picked the dropped money up and took it without any sayings.

This time, Johal passes by a girl who was sitting on the bench, when Johal dropped his money, the girl immediately called his back and gave him what the disguised-bind man dropped. Johal revealed his truth purpose and thanked her.

Johal did the same experiment but passing by a homeless man. The homeless called “sir, your dropped this” and gave the money back. After that, Johal revealed his true aim and thanked the homeless for his honesty and kindness. Johal gave him his money as his thank.

This is not the first time that Johal did social experiment. One time, he disguised as a disabled man to challenge the kindness of the poor and the rich. And the result is… One homeless man helped him to pick up his key that he accidentally dropped while those dressing up formally didn’t lift their finger to pick the key up. Maybe the difference between the poor and rich is money but the real gap lies on the kindness and honesty.

To sum up, there is no doubt that life is unpredictable. What we perceive about someone or something maybe not right, what we only see is the cover, the outer while what we can’t see is the truth inside. An old saying “Don’t judge by its cover” has delivered what we often misunderstand in life. Cover is attractive but inside it is not. Therefore, people should be rational before judging someone.

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Source: Feedytv.