When a dog attacks is horrible. It’s something we can not explain until it’s you find a decisive reason. Confusing isn’t it? Sometimes animals sense danger and attack the most unlikely humans and it makes us furious.

If we do not know the reasons for the attack we simply think that particular person did not deserve to be attacked. But what if everything around you collapsed and you realised you made the wrong judgment? Sometimes appearances deceive, which is why we should be less prejudiced and more attentive to the excellent abilities of animals.

In a small Nigerian town people came together to celebrate a happy event, a union between two people in love.

But the unforeseen happened: In the middle of the ceremony a dog jumped on a little girl who was going towards the guests. Everyone was perplexed by what the animal did. But why would a dog do something like this? What would be his reasons? Did he have any?

Vindo do nada, um som horripilante caiu sobre todos os que ali se encontravam. BOOM!

The girl was not just an innocent child. She was a suicide bimber, sent by Boko Haram. Terrorists do not hesitate to use small children to achieve their goals. After all, who would suspect a child?

The tragedy happened in Maiduguri market. Unfortunately the canine did not survive but it was thanks to him that nobody else was injured, according to Victor Isuku, a Nigerian police spokesman.

If the dog did not act on the girl, the number of victims was still to be determined. He not only sensed danger but also sacrificed his life to save the lives of all the guests. Today we pay homage to him and to all the dogs that in this world have been one way or another are heroes.

Source : Animalkindstories