COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire has backed a radical new fixture that involves conferences, as well as an NBA-style draft lottery.
Under the format McGuire has proposed, each team would have a bye and play each other once from rounds 1-18.


After that, the competition would be separated into a top 12 and a bottom six, where the teams in each tier would play each other once to finalise the seeds for finals and seeds for the draft.

McGuire’s proposal would also see five weeks of finals, as opposed to the current system of four weeks.

“It’s a little bit controversial,” McGuire said on the Footy Show.

“I would have five weeks of finals, not four. It would be a top 12 split into two conferences.”

McGuire suggested the conferences would be split according to the odd and even seedings on the ladder.

As a result, those placed 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 would be in one conference. The teams placed 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 would be in the other.

“The bottom line is you still get the two best teams to play off in the Grand Final,” McGuire said.

“But you get six extra finals.”

As the home and away season draws to a close, a number of games have been ruled as irrelevant.

But McGuire said his proposal would ensure there were no “dud games” because the AFL would have the freedom to schedule the best games in prime time viewing.

“The main thing is the integrity would be there,” McGuire said.

“There’d be no dud games.

“It would reset the last bit of the season now so that you get the best games on Friday night and Saturday night and everyone is interested in the game.”

Source : Foxsports